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We are looking for the founder of the next big thing in tech. Now’s the time to submit your idea for a chance to pitch to venture capitalists at Sloss Tech, the Southeast’s Premier Tech Conference. Collaborate with industry leaders and gain financial support for your big idea. The winning product will launch at this year’s Magic City Classic. Submissions end on April 31.

Supporting the Next Generation of Black Entrepreneurs

Black entrepreneurs receive less than 2% of venture capital dollars each year. To support the next generation of Black founders, the HBCU Pitch Competition provides opportunities for HBCU students seeking to launch their product in the tech industry.

Chosen students will have the chance to network and gain a firsthand experience of the fundraising process by pitching to venture capitalists at Sloss Tech. Finalists will enter a one-week program at Innovation Depot in Birmingham, Alabama, and will be supported by mentors and services following the program. The winner’s product will launch through TechBirmingham at this year’s Magic City Classic, the largest HBCU football game in the country.

HBCU Pitch Timeline

April 2023

HBCU students apply to participate in a tech pitch competition. Submissions deadline: April 31, 2023.

May 2023

Finalists are mentored by industry experts who will work with them to refine their ideas and pitches.

June 9, 2023

Finalists will pitch their ideas to venture capitalists at Sloss Tech. Winning students will receive $10,000 in services and support, including a cash prize, and enter a one week accelerator program run by Harmony Venture Labs and AppThink at Innovation Depot.

July – October 2023

Finalists meet regularly with their mentors to bring their ideas to life.

October 27, 2023

The winner will launch their product at the Magic City Classic – the largest HBCU football game in the country.

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