August 2, 2019

I wanna come back and I wanna bring my family.

Alexis Ohanian
2019 Keynote Speaker


We loved having Alexis as our keynote speaker back in 2019 at the fourth annual Sloss Tech, and we are thrilled to be back for 2023 after having to pause our event for several years due to COVID.

We would also love nothing more than to help Alexis make good on that promise to come back and bring his family, by extending an invitation to have you as our keynote speaker this year.

A primary focus of our conference in 2023 will be addressing the need to improve diversity in the tech and creative industries and we have been incredibly inspired by the many Serena Ventures led initiatives aimed at solving this. We have a thriving tech ecosystem here in Birmingham, and an exceptionally supportive startup community. Alabama is also home to more HBCUs than any other state (14), making Birmingham uniquely positioned to not only discuss the problems that face diversity in tech, but actively work to address and solve them by creating opportunities to increase diversity in the talent pipeline right here at home.

This year’s Sloss Tech will take place on Friday June 9, 2023 and we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss our vision for the event and the possibility of your involvement.

Deon Gordon
President, TechBirmingham
[email protected]

I’m always obsessed with the notion of how do I do something that brings the other person more value than I get in the transaction.

Gary Vaynerchuk
2016 Keynote Speaker

2016 Recap

Find something and don’t stop doing it until you’re good at it. You can stop when you’re good.

Casey Neistat
2017 Keynote Speaker

2017 Recap

We have spent too much time complaining about the way things are and forget that we have the power to change anything and everything.

Bozoma Saint John
2018 Keynote Speaker

2018 Recap

Don’t be afraid to show your users that you give a damn. It should shine in everything you do, from the design of your website to the way you respond to feedback emails.

Alexis Ohanian
2019 Keynote Speaker

2019 Recap